3D-Printed Parts

A project log for ROVER-X


AmeerAmeer 04/26/2020 at 03:520 Comments

My first assignment was to print the 3D needed parts. I used my Prusa MK3s and Red and Black PLA.

I printed 'ALMOST' all the parts from the .stl files posted by Roger.

Here are the variations

Mirrored Parts:

I printed the Knuckles mirrored to place the motors in symmetry, and at some point in the future I will be printing 3 wheels mirrored because unlike on the real curiosity rover our wheels have directional spokes.

Edited Parts:

I printed 4 components from the STL's edited by (CJ Rover) to accommodate enforced mounting of moving parts, two of those 4 components (Triangle Wheel Couplers, and Round Servo Couplers) I printed at 100% infill for Strength.

I also printed 4 parts from my own redesign (The 3 parts in the Center Differential Joints), because the central differential joints didn't fit properly from the original .stl. I printed the bottom one in a different shape.  As I got close to mounting the servos and wheels I realized that I am not happy with how the servos mount into the brackets or how the brackets mount into the walls; so I redesigned the Servo Brackets (and printed all 10 of them in 100% infill).

Did not Print:

I did not print the Battery Tray or the Power Tray; I will print those trays when I decide where to mount the parts later.

Special thanks to Roger and to Laura for guidance.


* 3D-Print the Parts Yourself $100

I used less than 1KG of Black PLA for Wheels, and less than 2KG of Red PLA for all other parts. I Paid $75 on eBay for all 3KG Shipped, and my Printer used about $20 worth of Electricity. If you have a 3D Printer with suitable size bed you should be looking about the same of what it cost me.

* Have someone 3D Print them for you $600

Don't have a 3D-Printer? Don't want to learn the Slicer software? or deal with 2 Weeks of printing? I found a few places online, and this one seems reputable so I uploaded all the parts and the total was $600 for the Entire Set; Tax and Shipping Included.  I suppose you just have to instruct them which parts you want mirrored along the x-axis, and about the infill factor being 30%.