Prototype layout

A project log for Nixie Tube 170 V flyback DC-DC power converter

Design walkthrough and evaluation of a flyback converter from scratch

james-wilsonJames Wilson 04/18/2020 at 23:290 Comments

For this project, I wanted to justify all component values from first principles. On the other hand, for PCB layout of a SMPS, I'm more than happy to copy a layout that works. In this regard, the datasheet for the LM5155 provides very helpful layout guidelines and examples, and the engineering team at TI also produced three evaluation boards (in boost, isolated flyback, and SEPIC topologies) that also demonstrate good layout.

For my test board, I wanted to follow in the "evaluation board style", which to me means:

As the flyback power stage is the only thing on the board, routing should be uncomplicated, and I used a 2-layer layout like the examples and commerical evaluation boards.

Next step: send for manufacturing, assemble & test!