12 tom level

A project log for DIY mesh conversion of a simple drum set

Pad-to-mesh conversion of an electronic drum set (Alesis DM6) using low cost toy drums

evgenyEvgeny 04/21/2020 at 07:591 Comment

Something that I definitely need an oscilloscope for.

The drum module has bunch of presets (like rock, jazz, brush... etc), and it seems that signal processing for these presets is different. I did non notice any traces from MCU to the filters (opamps with RC feedback) so I am guessing it is some software shaper. 

The issue is that on some presets the volume of 12" tom becomes lower then 8" toms. It is not really a problem since I use custom presets anyway, But it would be really interesting to understand what really happens. 

Once The quarantine is over and i get my hands on oscilloscope I will definitely check it out.


reje80 wrote 12/17/2020 at 14:08 point

Hello, I have the same kit alesis dm6, but I have the cymbal and ride with little sensitivity to touch. Buy a 27mm piezo and I intended to change these but it's not that easy, I just want to stick more sensitivity to the touch. Congratulations on this project, you're the only one who's found doing something like that.

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