TTL IV-21 VFD Clock

A Digital Clock using a lot of soviet TTL IC`s

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The idea was sparked by VFD IV-21 (ИВ-21) from an old soviet calculator.Later, I got a lot of soviet TTL IC`s to do that (mostly K155 and K555 series,equivalent to SN74 Series).The frequency is taken from quartz generator (from some useless wall clock),it produces 8Hz that is divided by 8 to get 1Hz using К155ТМ8(74175).D trigger IC with 4 buttons (К155ТМ2/SN74S74) are used to correct hours and minutes by Set/Reseting them.К155ИЕ2(7490) is for decimal count.КР514ИД2 _ 7 segment decoder,К155ИД1(74141) for grids and bunch of transistors to drive them.There is 20 Bit output of binary clock and LED`s to indicate them.This Device can be used to trigger something by time.The circuit diagram is simplified.(P.S. There are even ancient 1ТК552 D Triggers.)

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