Game mechanics

A project log for Retro style Star Trek action adventure game

Using my collection of tools and function to build a action/adventure game.

timescaleTimescale 04/19/2020 at 22:140 Comments

While this game is mostly build on the adventure engine, I plan for it to be mostly an action type game with comedic interludes that make fun of Star Trek and provide some commentary.

I did some work on adapting the scripting engine for the game which is going quite well, but I felt it was also nessesary to focus on the actual game mechanics. So I rigged up a steerable ship and crosshair and mapped their movements to the keyboard and gamepad.

Eventually It will be a dodge and shoot game where you can use the crosshair to lock on to a target and fire phasers or torpedoes.

In this demo you see a bit of the scripting engine test and the firing mechanics.