Playable Demo 1

A project log for Retro style Star Trek action adventure game

Using my collection of tools and function to build a action/adventure game.

timescaleTimescale 04/29/2020 at 10:360 Comments

For testing purposes, I present the first playable demo. Clickerty!

Controls are :

AWSD for moving The Defiant

Arrow keys for moving the crosshair

Space to fire phasers

I have only tested in Firefox, so mileage may vary. There are of course many bugs and quirks. For instance, pressing any of the controls before the actual game starts may crash the engine.

I'm looking for feedback on how this particular game mechanic does or should work. Is it too hard or too easy. What is missing? What needs tweaking. All that sort of good stuff

This isn't the game proper which will be guided by a narrative. This is just a simple scene setup to get some feedback