Board bring up & review R1

A project log for Yaesu - Baofeng converter

Use Baofeng accessories on Yaesu handheld radios and vice versa, includes programming & TNC connection

Christoph TackChristoph Tack 06/29/2020 at 19:530 Comments

Let's mention the stupid mistakes first:

  1. In the schematic, CN2 & CN3 are labeled as Yaesu interface, which is correct.  On the PCB layout however, these connectors are incorrectly labeled as Baofeng interface.
  2. The distance between CN2 & CN3 should be 7.62mm, not 12mm as it is now.

With that out of the way, we can continue with what has been tested:

  1. Programming cable functionality of the Yaesu interface works correctly using:
    1. Yaesu FT65-E radio
    2. CHIRP daily-20200622 software
    3. FTDI TTL-232R-3V3-WE UART-cable
    4. Tensility 10-02130 2.5mm audio jack cable
Parameters successfully downloaded from FT-65