Connector selection

A project log for Yaesu - Baofeng/Kenwood converter

Use Baofeng accessories on Yaesu handheld radios and vice versa, includes programming & TNC connection

Christoph TackChristoph Tack 04/19/2020 at 10:230 Comments

Audio jacks

The center to center distance of the audio plugs on the the Yaesu is only 0.3".  So narrow audio jacks must be selected.  Through hole is preferred.  These connectors are likely to be more sturdy and narrower than their SMD counterparts.

2.5mm audio jacks

Digikey selection

SJ1-2503A :5mm wide, center 2.5mm above PCB

3.5mm audio jacks

Digikey selection

STX-3501-3N : 6mm wide, center 2.5mm above PCB

Audio cable assemblies

You should be very carefully about what cable assemblies you buy for this.  The connectors on the Yaesu are very close to each other, you'll never be able to plug in two standard cables.