TNC Connection

A project log for Yaesu - Baofeng/Kenwood converter

Use Baofeng accessories on Yaesu handheld radios and vice versa, includes programming & TNC connection

Christoph TackChristoph Tack 05/02/2020 at 18:280 Comments


The go-to tool for configuring your radio from the PC.

Don't use the Chirp from your standard Linux distro, it's likely to be some 3 year old version.  Install from another ppa.

TRRS connection on Android phones and Lenovo Thinkpad L580

  1. TIP : left audio (30 to 40ohm to ground)
  2. RING1 : right audio (30 to 40ohm to ground)
  3. RING2 : ground
  4. SLEEVE : microphone
    1. sometimes there's a switch to ground in parallel with the mic.
    2. In case of a Samsung headset, there's a "100ohm resistor in series with a switch to gnd" connected to this pin.