COVID-19 Wrist Alarm

A wearable device that helps prevent you from touching your face.

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As of April 2020, the COVID-19 (a.k.a. corona virus) pandemic has immensely affected the world. COVID-19 spreads like any other virus; virus can infect people by entering mucus membranes (e.g. nose, mouth, and eyes). This happens when people touch infected surfaces, and then transfer the virus from their hands to their face by unconsciously touching their face throughout the day. This project intends to build a device that alerts you when your hands is close to your face.

The simple design consists of a wearable device that fastens around your wrist, and when ever you move your wrist, the device will alert you through a piezo buzzer. To detect the motion of your wrist, a tilt switch is used.

The tilt switch does not filter out arbitrary movements; therefore, any movement can activate the piezo buzzer--regardless if your hand is near your face or not.

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