ePaper Image Fetcher Display

This battery-operated device updates images from the web every hour using ESP32 WiFi module and ED060SC7 display

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A nice photo frame of sorts to display unique images from Reddit.

How it works:

The ATtiny wakes up the ESP32 every hour. The ESP32 accesses the Google Apps Scripts which provides a image URL from Reddit, it then downloads and decodes the JPG image and converts it into grayscale.


7" GT911 capacitive touchscreen

600x800 ED060SC7 Display (4bits of grayscale)

BQ24072 Li-ion battery charger for BL-5C

MMA8452Q accelerometer

MCP9808T temperature sensor

Made possible by:

FPGA eink controller in which the ePaper driver chip (TPS65185) was identified to be suitable

Inkplate 6 and their Arduino Library which is a much better implementation of the driver for the display than what I had initially created myself

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