Oximeters baking

A project log for uOxy - open source pulse oximeter

An open source oximeter device for measuring SpO2

Ultimate RoboticsUltimate Robotics 05/26/2020 at 17:240 Comments

The idea to make an oximeter came to us at the end of March. To be more precise, for a while we wanted a method for measuring pressure - and combination of data from ECG and PPG with a proper processing algorithm could do just that. At least that's what several papers claimed, and physics behind that claim looks solid - so we wanted to try it in practice. Also oximeters became a short supply during the pandemics, and that was another reason to make one.

We started by developing a PCB design. After several weeks of work, we made two versions of the oximeter - for the finger and for the ear. With ear-based version there were obvious problems with the mount, so we decided to start with the finger version and move from there.

We ordered components and PCB production, and in early May got everything we need. Usually we don't capture any of our work on assembly, but this time is a rare exception! So in the video you can see how our oximeters are baked!