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tiny drum machine

Jonathan BrodskyJonathan Brodsky 11/01/2022 at 20:170 Comments

Since my last post ... many things have happened:

I shared a prototype with a friend and got some good feedback. This was a huge milestone for me.

I discovered that I really don't like the buttons! So many indie electronics projects use them, but I found that they could tear off quite easily, with just a little bit of lateral force. I did a test board to try out ninja flex clear buttons - this feels like close to the correct solution - I love the brightness, and the feeling is pretty good. And most importantly, they feel much more solid than the existing buttons.

The downside of course is that its more cost per unit, but I'm ok with that trade off. The second downside is slightly less front panel lableling space, but that's probably ok.

I've mostly done work on the firmware since the last update. I feel like I'm closing in on a feature set now:

The above is more or less working. Below are things that I'd really like to finish before the next hardware rev

I'm also planning on cutting some features, in particular the onboard speaker / amp. I don't feel like it really makes the unit that much better, and folks will either have headphones or some other speaker. If they want a PO quality speaker, they can buy a PO, they are cheap.

I'm 90% sure that I've figured out the horrible noise that I'm getting from the addressable LEDs, its just a matter of throwing a little RC filter on the power for them, and it goes away. Unfortunately this also means a voltage drop, but in testing I've found that I can lower the noise a sufficient amount and still keep the lights on. I'm a bit worried that when I put this on the actual unit, it won't actually work, but we will see.

In October 22, I spent some time making loops with the unit, just to play around with it some. Not all the loops on this page use it, listen to the ones labeled TDM. Try out loop 1 (for a silly sampler workout), 7, and 16.