Here are SOME the benefits to using a process like this:

  • Easy to animate, accurate to the artist style, pulled from still images
  • Self contained stories/presentations that are live and can be WIKI or linked to anything online and can play on any device (phone, computer, tablet) through the BROWSER; NO NEED FOR AN Application and no barrier to entry.
  • Resolution Independent, look great at any size on any device
  • Completely Programmable for Interactivity (links, varied animations, etc)
  • Product Placement, Purchases, Micro-payment all easily applicable and natural to this environment.
  • Choose-own-adventure or Non-linear story telling (with additional Art)
  • Easter Egg, Contest, interlinking existing story lines (having a direct link from one story to another allowing for “rabbit-holing” a series
  • Add an expansive and innovative potential for story boards and live brochures and presentations.