Short Update

A project log for My Journey of Building a Performance Quadruped

Building a brushless quadruped for under $1000

Peter BuckleyPeter Buckley 05/22/2020 at 03:240 Comments

Just wanted to provide a short update on the project. I finished printing all the parts today. They were all printed in amazon basics petg. The feet were printed in amazon basics tpu. Here is a photo of all the printed parts. Most of the black parts were printed with 0.6 nozzle, the rest were 0.4. All printed on i3 MK3 clone with 3 shells and 20% gyroid infill. I have included a picture of the parts below.

Before i begin assembly i have to wait for the servos. I ordered them from a us seller a few weeks ago but they have yet to arrive. I have held of ordering parts for the brushless robot as i am worried about budgetary concerns. More to come on that on the next update.