Log #5 First Mechanical Build Done

A project log for My Journey of Building a Performance Quadruped

Building a brushless quadruped for under $1000

Peter BuckleyPeter Buckley 03/31/2021 at 21:570 Comments

Hey everyone sorry its been so long but I am ready to once again pick up this daunting project. A lot has changed since my last log and the spot micro project has evolved. I had to scratch all those parts I printed in the last log, and reprint the new version. I am now working off Michael Kubina's github and have printed and assembled the mechanical design. The electronic parts are on order and will arrive in soon.

Here is the build so far, I might sand and paint it to improve the look.

As far as the second robot I plan to build I have decided to first build a robot arm using 5010 cycloidal actuators and odrives to get a better feel for them. Expect an update for that in ~1 month. I plan to have this robot finished and walking by summer.

Until later,