The microscope in question is a "Grey Five Forty",

This is a fairly classic "field" microscope with relatively modest magnification of x5 and x40 hence the name.

What I have is a pile of broken bits, including most of the optics, but not the eyepieces, some broken eyepiece holders and the stands to make up two working microscopes.

The original lighting is a 240V AC filament bulb, but I intend to replace this with  a low voltage high brightness LED source or possibly more than one.

The initial problem however was to make up replacement eyepiece tubes and bases.

These were designed in FreeCAD and 3d printed. The insides of the prints were then shot with flat mat rattle can paint to keep out any stray light, and a couple of low cost Chinese 5x Wide field 30mm eyepieces have been added. 

The lens tubes have been extended to give better stereo separation, and the result is a very useable microscope. Much improved on the rickety pile of bits I started with.