My Ultimate ESPHome DIY Project

All of my smart home devices rebuilt with custom firmware using ESPHome for added functionalities

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Here is the ongoing list of my custom devices

- Tuya WiFI Switches
- Tuya Motor Curtain
- Sonoff Switches
- Wifi IR Hub
- Xiaofang Cams
- Wyze Cams
- Wyze Sensors
- ESP32 Cams
- Wemos D1 ESP8266
- DIY RGB, CW, WS2812 LED lights
- DIY Daikin Climate Control
- DIY Doorbell and motion detection cams

I am experimenting different hardwares and integration methods so i'm not going to be into so much detail on each individual hack. Let me know if you need more details I would be happy to share, it's just that i'm spending too much time coding and not much time left to write document :(

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