Project Progress & Explanation : Core Unit

A project log for RX-Modulus (Completely Modular Mouse)

Finally a mouse that can be freely changed, fixed and upgraded suit the user.

benwbenw 06/30/2020 at 19:130 Comments

Here is the current progress of the Core Unit for the RX-Modulus Project.

We will be soon releasing the first batch of PCB's for Core Unit very soon.

Now it's time to uncover the mystery of whats in the Core Unit. 

As you can see there is certainly alot going on in this unit. The boards that are worth the biggest mention is the Dev Interface PWA and the High-P Core PWA.

Dev Interface PWA:

This assembly of boards is responsible for interfacing with and powering all the modules and Core PWA. The Dev version has been development with robustness and checking features in mind. All module interfaces are Hot-Swap compliant with all the ESD protect one could wish for, so modules can be safety removed at any time and not damaged the system. Safety and Measurement features have been added to monitor system and module voltage and current levels with safety shutdowns if modules fail. The Dev Interface also features a Changeable Core System, where micro-controller cores can be changed and upgraded with minimal hardware change and waste. After the first build a lite version of this board will be developed as a cheaper alternative for people that want the deceased amount of protection at a cheaper price.

High-P Core PWA: 

This PWA is the brains of the whole project and is responsible for setting up the mouse to the users configuration, heath monitoring and communication with all connected modules to a host machine via USB-C connection (When using the Adaptive Interface Set the project can be set to interface mode to control other devices via wireless for example). We are currently  developing the High-P Core to be based around a STM32 F4 with extra memory (Could be change to G4) Core. As this board is compatible with the Changeable Core System we have the ability to redesign a more powerful or less powerful/cheaper cores without redesigning the whole mouse. We will soon be developing a special Adaptive Interface Core which features extra connections for sensors and wireless modules which will aid the adaptive interface set for UCPLA.

Overall Core Unit Features:

- Powerful STM32 Core

- Changeable Micro-controller Core

- Hot Swap Compliant

- ESD Protection

- Voltage and Current Levels with safety shutdowns for all modules

- USB-C connection to host with PD Control.

- Extra Interfaces can be added for more functionality.