Drone assembly, missing propellers, test flight

A project log for Bio-degradable PLA jute composite drone

An attempt at making a bio-degradable composite material that could be used to replace existing epoxy based solutions.

mitja-breznikMitja Breznik 06/27/2020 at 20:150 Comments

As most of the drone parts finally arrived from China, I decided to assemble the components to the frame that I build. Since I do not have any special use case for the drone (besides a test platform for the composite material) I choose common and affordable components:

-Naze 32 rev. 6 - flight controller
-2205 2300 kv - brushless motors
-FLYSKY FS-i6 i6 2.4G 6CH - wireless transmitter + receiver

With the help of many YouTube tutorials I managed to wire and configure the drone with Cleanflight configurator that was supported by my Naze flight controller. I will not go into the details of the assembly and configuration process since I do not think I can add any useful information that is not already available.

With the help on many cable-ties :), the final results looked like this:

I mentioned before that not all of the components arrived. Propellers were still missing so I asked my brother to 3D print me some propellers just to test if everything works as expected. We managed to get the drone of the ground for a few seconds before crashing and braking the propellers.

I will post a video of this strange contraption in flight when the propellers find their way to my postbox :)...