Tweaking oven design

A project log for Small Programmable Kiln

A small kiln with big expectations: Fusing PMC, Solder PCBs, Harden/Temper/Anneal/Carburize Steel, Pottery, Glass, Melting Precious Metals

myburamybura 05/26/2020 at 23:330 Comments

After the last test, decided to add some fiber padding to the kiln inside. Faster ramp times and better sealing keeping more heat in (is the theory). The blanket is 25mm thick and I'm trying to work out how to mount the element now as it used to be stapled to the brick walls. The fiber is not rigid enough to support the staple approach and it will be coated with water glass which in theory will be molten at the element operating temperatures..

As a result I created some water glass as a side project to seal the fibers and keep them out of lungs.

Currently the frame is pickling in vinegar to get rid of the mill scale. That stuff is evil :)

Once the pickling is done, I'll finish up some final welding needed to get some handles and feet of the oven attached.

Painting then comes next. I managed to get 1093C resistant paint from the auto store. It needs to bake at 200C before it is ready and I don't have anything large enough to bake it in. Thinking I'll just blast it with a flame for a bit and hope the oven at full speed will do the rest on first launch.