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Making a 4 year olds version of Speedy from BBC's Caties Amazing Machines

saabmanSaabman 04/28/2020 at 01:450 Comments

As I couldn’t find any images of speedy on the net to try and copy I played the video and paused it at various points to get different angles of him. All the images I got are just cropped screen shots. This gave us something to work towards . 

Using a beer box constrained our dimensions to about 20cm width.  From a quick measure of the image on the screen with a ruler we worked out the width to length proportion to be roughly square . Close enough for our purpose. So 20cmlong 20cm wide. 

We’re not aiming for perfection here so a quick fire hand sketch on the card to get the approximate shape for the top and bottom. 

We cut one piece then used that as a template to make the other side.  Sorry no pics of the construction..

While the original has some nice curves that’s a bit tricky to do in corrugated cardboard so we kept it simple flat top and bottom but we were able to get a curve in the sides by cutting  the card so the corrugations were vertically allowing the card to curve around the front.

the sides are glued to the top with hot melt and then it was up to Otto to paint. White on top yellow stripe and blue on the bottom half.

the “eyes” just cut out of some more card painted and glued on. 

The resulting cardboard creation was glued to the top of a partially disassembled Rc car for motive power