Sample distribution plans (and a bounty?)

A project log for LR1110 module - Tiny LoRa & WiFi/GNSS positioning

Leveraging the LR1110 to create the smallest geolocation+LoRaWAN combined module for use in tracking.

SensorsSensors 12/06/2020 at 13:230 Comments

Hello! I realise it has (somehow) been two months since I last picked up this project, so apologies for letting it stagnate like that. I hit a bit of a busy period with work so unfortunately my personal projects took a bit of a back seat. But not to worry, time to get moving forward again!

I've come to a decision with how to distribute samples for people who have expressed interest. As mentioned previously I was worried about sending these off into the wild and never hearing about them again... they were not cheap to have made at a volume of 10. I don't want to be massively out of pocket, but more importantly I really want anyone who gets their hands on one to have an incentive to make something cool and of community value.

So here's my plan at the moment;

What I would consider 'something of community value' would be a project that others can learn from, snippets of code or example firmware that will help others get started, or, the holy grail in my mind, an open source library for the part. Additionally, to qualify for a refund all outputs from working with module must be open source/publicly available.

I am also considering putting a small, additional bounty on the open source library, because that's what will make this most accessible to the community! 

The finer details of all of this still need worked out, but I'm hoping to get this process kicked off in the next week. If you have filled in the survey and expressed an interest in helping out with development you'll be among first to be contacted about acquiring a module.

As always, if anyone has any thoughts I'd love to hear them.