For this project, steel wire is used which you have to transform in a looped shape and a curve one. Make sure the loop is large enough to pass the curve wire and small enough to make this game challenging for you. The aim of this buzz wire game is very simple. Whenever the loop touches the curve wire, a buzzer is used to make a sound. We have done this project on PCB Board, however, you can also do this using breadboard.

Step 1: Materials

For Buzz Wire Game, we have used various electronic components such as Arduino Nano, Buzzer, LED, etc. Here is a complete list of these components which you need in this project.

· Arduino Nano

· Led · Buzzer

· 10k ohm resistor

· female buck pins

· universal PCB ·

Steel wire ·

Soldering wire

· Soldering iron

· Wires · 5v adaptor

Step 2: Schematics

The circuit diagram that you have to follow for the buzzer wire game is given above. First of all, place the components on the PCB board according to the circuit diagram and make the connections using Soldering wire. Make sure to connect the components to the Arduino pins as suggested above. The connections should be made carefully using soldering iron and no component should be left floating. The one end of the Buzzer and LED is connected to the D3 and D4 pins of Arduino respectively, and the other end is grounded. At D2 pin, curl wire and 10k ohm resistor is connected. The Arduino is powered by a 5V DC supply using an Adapter.

Keep in mind to make the connections carefully according to the instructions. Make the other ends of the components grounded. In case you do not connect the components to the ground pin of Arduino, it is more likely to encounter errors. This is a simple project as there is no rocket science in making connections.

Step 3: Testing the Project

Once you have uploaded the project, the last step is testing of buzzer wire game. After uploading the code and running it, you can start playing the game using loop wire. Start moving the loop wire from one end of the curly wire to the other end. Make sure your hand is steady while moving the loop wire, otherwise, it will touch the curly wire and the buzzer will make the sound. When the two-wire touches, the circuit gets completed, hence turning the LED On and the buzzer makes a sound.

To make this game more interesting, you can make the wire curlier or increase the length of the wire. After testing it successfully, you can compete with your friends or colleagues using your skills.