I decided to buy a 3D scanner... kinda.

A project log for 2005 Yamaha XT 225 Motorcycle Frame Modeling

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david-troetschelDavid Troetschel 05/01/2020 at 15:070 Comments

This is one of those projects where I realize that what I'm trying to copy was made by mortals. I'm pretty sure that there are small variations in the tubing angles and its going to take me forever, and likely unsuccessfully attempts to reproduce manually what I'm studying.

So a 3D scanner is appropriate, I have a nice camera so photogrametry is an option but I went ahead and bought a $25 Xbox Kinnect sensor array. Using some software I should be able to scan the bike and its components. This will be particularly useful for stuff like the footpegs which sorely need to be redesigned and reconsidered ergonomically.

If the first scanner I bought, coming next week is not good enough there is another $30 more modern version available too. Apparently they could even be used simultaneously and I could add lights and a range finder, etc. Using an ultrasound unit I could make a targeting system (to help maintain proper scanning distance) I have all the parts necessary so... maybe a sub $100 decent 3d scanner? Guess we'll see.