Kinematic Bed Mounting

A project log for SolidCore CoreXY 3D Printer

Modular and Scalable CoreXY 3D Printer

Shane HooperShane Hooper 10/06/2021 at 04:450 Comments

SolidCore Kinematic Bed Design

We recently started working on the SolidCore printer‘s bed leveling and mounting system. The z-axis uses a 3-point kinematic bed mounting with magnetic pivot spheres on each mount This properly constrains the bed at 3 points of contact. The pivot balls attach to the bed mounts and keep position by the weight of the bed. The steel pivot balls will slide along the dowel pins as the bed expands from heating up. 

3-Point Bed Leveling

Three point bed leveling uses three independently driven lead screws to level the bed and compensate for an uneven build plate. The Z-axis lead screws are used as the 3 points that make up a triangle, defining one plane. 

Three Points Make A Plane

The advantage of a kinematic bed mount is that the defined plane of the bed, a kinematic mount, is that the aluminum plate can properly expand without bending the plate.