Home automation or domotics is building automation for a home, called a smart home or smart house. 

But This project has changed the it used to be happen. 
With a central AI which will have access to all users devices will understand more, which means it could be able to act like it has common sense.
Our current project is just using Aurdino uno board which will be easier to work with. Later on Raspberry Pi will be used in place of Aurdino that will boos up the speed and it could run multiple tasks at a time.

Everything is possible with proper knowledge, working with aurdino and other components may be challenging but if you have time to spend then you're welcome to this project.

 The Project includes following knowledge:
  •   Python 
  •   Computer Vision(Opencv)
  •   Artificial Intelligence
  •   Cloud Computing 
  •   API

If you're new to this type of projects then start from learning python and then others. And if you don't want to know how does it work then you can copy the source code and paste it_to get the work done.