Maisken Homelay

An open source ESP32 board for home automation

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An open source PCB for home automation that hosts an ESP32 chip, powers it via mains and gives access to 4 dry-contact relays, 8 GPIOs and the I2C bus.

Full PCB documentation and gerber files available on Upverter (see external links).

The board works flawlessly with ESPHome (and, hence, Home Assistant).

As a bonus, I've also developed an enclosure, available on Tinkercad (see external links). The enclosure is meant to provide easier, but not IPXX-rated handling of the PCB when powered on; it's still recommended to store the device inside an insulated electrical box.

Current version is 1.0.1. Pictures show v1.0, which is basically the same, except a few minor details have been improved in v1.0.1 (changelog at Upverter).

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