Main Lamp:

The Lamp and base were 3D modelled and 3D printed in PLA to fit all the electronics. The two shells of the lamp are held together by Neodymium magnets as the tiny fuel chamber needs to be refilled frequently.

The main Lamp body itself houses only the 18650 battery, Spark generator, the Fuel pump and a tiny fuel tank.

Spark Generator:

Its a  generic DC 3v-6v to 400KV spark generator

Fuel Pump:

The fuel pump is actually a 3V air pump but it also pumps liquids at low pressure. This worked well as I did not have a liquid pump small enough to fit inside the lamp body.


The fuel is Surgical spirit with boric acid added to give it a greenish tint.

Trigger Electronics:

Coming to the electronics which trigger the lamp, I wanted it to be a magical experience, so I decided to do a finger snap based trigger.

For the sound detection I used a KY-038 microphone module which interfaces seamlessly with an Arduino board and is also tuneable.

For the microcontroller board I chose to use a Digispark ATTiny85 as it can be programmed in the Arduino IDE and is small enough to fit into the base of the Lamp.


The ATTINY 85 board receives a digital signal from the Microphone module (KY-038) and then triggers a 5v Relay module (KY-019) to switch on the Spark generator and the Fuel pump at the same time for a duration of 150 milliseconds and turn them off. This happens everytime the user snaps their finger or claps or even shouts (with a certain minimum decibel threshold which is adjustable)

The ATTINY 85 board , Microphone module and the Relay are housed in the blue base under the Main Lamp body.