For the past few years I and my group, Cyber City Circuits, have worked to provide electronics education for teenagers and young adults in the Augusta, Ga area through workshops and after school programs.  Due to the recently pandemic we can no longer do that, so we decided to make a larger program that people can do in their homes.

We created the Cyber Box monthly subscription box.  Each month we wills end subscribers a new soldering kit that is designed specifically for this monthly box.  Each kit comes with detailed instructions and video tutorials.

It is our goal to teach electronics, soldering, safety, and eventually things like programming and logic to anyone that wants to learn it and to make it as affordable as possible.

Plans start as low as $10 a month with FREE SHIPPING to the United States.

Please check out the website at:

I can be reached by EMail at and on Twiter @MakeAugusta.

Thank you.