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Remote RX SDR set built to be left outside for radio signal monitoring

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System designed around LimeNET micro SDR, to fit within Pelican case, all to be left outside for signal monitoring without loss in coax cables. Signal is converted to IQ stream through Ethernet or WiFi. Target 100 kHz to 4 GHz reception range, with appropriate antennas. One of targets is to monitor 1,5 GHz COSPAS-SARSAT emergency beacons at 406 MHz re-translated over Galileo (MEOSAR) GNSS constellation. Accepted the challenge from the "Making Tech at Home" contest => The goal is to come up with any project from parts that you have lying around the house.


// Reused old Pelican rugged case, used while ago for environmental monitoring project. Case is adapted with 10mm okume lacked plywood. (salvaged after the kitchen reconstruction) Construction consist of base on the bottom of the case, fit with velcro strips prepared for custom configuration of used parts and equipment. Extension top "table" now used for optional notebook PC, can be set in at last 3 fixed positons.  (see pictures)

At the moment within the case:


-SDR LimeNET micro / RPI CM3 8MB

// procured for another project within initial campaign on Crowd Supply

-ICOM PCR-1000 modified for 10,7 IF out working like pre-selector for Lime

// one of first useful general coverage receiver with PC user interface only, was reviewed in the July 1998 issue of QST magazine. RS232 to USB interface must be used

-moRFeus mixer & signal generator

// mixing 85-10,7 =>74,3 MHz to get better signal, LimeNET RX have significant

drop in sensitivity bellow 30 MHz. Spec. of mixer  within moRFreus are from 30 MHz and up, but on 10 MHz results are still good enough. In future, this component may be replaced with new made of some DBM like SRA-1 and 50 MHz osc.

-Siemens SX763 LAN/WAN WiFi working like DHCP server and LAN

// old house ADSL WAN router with WiFi AP, still useful for this project.

-AC/DC Power supply for each unit + (soon) internal 24 V DC supply.


- ASUS notebook / option for local monitoring and setup



Ubuntu 18.04

VNC connect

Soapy / Soapy Remote

Cubic SDR

Etc / more to come


Helix Antenna 1,5 GHz

LNA4ALL RF preamp stage

Anaren DBMixer 4GHz + signal generator

GNSS antenna

DONE on May 19 / modification of USB bus within LimeNET to have GNSS RX present on bus

Development of software for visible & nearest Galileo satellite selection

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Dan Maloney wrote 05/05/2020 at 16:58 point

Cool, I like guerrilla radio installs like this.

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Djani wrote 05/05/2020 at 18:08 point


BTW for real guerrilla must add 24 V battery source and arrange

19V, 12V and 5V DC, for all devices inside and hand generator :P

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