The initial goal was to have my home-made computer that could run interpreters,

finally it runs CP/M heavily customized to allow :

 - TurboPascal3 compiler,

 - mBASIC interpreter,

 - play ZORK,

 - call some REST APIs via WiFi,

 - play some MP3 tracks,

 - display some pictures, sprites & drawings (Vs the fact that CP/M is text only) .

Few weeks ago, I re-used the core cpp code to write my emulator (Java+JNI) and my own TP3 IDE (Java) (that runs an headless version of emulator).

The DevBoard form factor is due to the fact that I made yet 5 versions of my previous system (from handheld laptop to ZXSpectrum) & as always, the enclosure building is a real problem for me.

I decided so to re-write nearly all, made a very basic design & see where could it go...