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I'm making a program to control custom robots called "Bottango" that incorporates a lot of the best elements from traditional 3d animation programs and allows you to use tools like bezier curves, timelines, and keyframes to create animations for your robot. The workflow is you model the basic structure of your robot (or import 3d models), set up virtual motors and joints, and then animate. The program communicates in real time with an Arduino, using the Arduino code also provided.

Bottango is in open beta!

Bottango is a new, free tool that lets you animate your custom robot the way you would a 3d model, using keyframes and curves along a timeline. It runs on a Windows or Macintosh computer, and communicates via Serial to Arduino compatible microcontrollers, using the provided Arduino compatible code.

Bottango is made for anyone who wants to control not just THAT their robot moves, but how it moves, with artistry and intention.

Bottango is just starting, and I'd love your feedback, ideas on where to take it, etc. You can download it for free at

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akulov.eugen wrote 10/18/2020 at 16:05 point


I am an expert in robot simulation and motion.

I can help yo.

Please leave contact for me.

Thank you

If more comfortable for skype, 


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abdelilah ayadi wrote 05/31/2020 at 19:43 point

it seems a new and a good concept solution, have you any tutorial ? thank you.

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