Universal ESP-WiFi-device flasher

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Quick and easy way to flash all those WiFi switches/sensors/whatever.


Turo Heikkinen wrote 12/05/2020 at 21:47 point

Hi! Thanks for the correction about the Nedis template, seems that this form with "133" is the one my devices use as well. Somehow I had copied this line from another place without noticing it's not the same I use. There may be different versions of this device with different measurement chips.

50 mA is not enough to run an ESP8266 with radio on, which they generally have when booted up. Apparently this 50 mA is the promised minimum "at least" current any individual chip can deliver in any condition and normally they can deliver much more. Also, the ESP is happy with much lower voltages, down to about 2.5 Volts, thus the voltage regulator not being able to keep the voltage may not be a deal killer. Anyway, with that low specifications, for reliable flashing I recommend using a dedicated regulator, LDO or buck, that can deliver at least 250 mA.

I didn't mention software, as the tools presented here are software agnostic; doesn't matter what firmware you flash and with which tool. However, now I added pointers to some firmware and flashing tool options, as those obviously are relevant when you want to free your devices from the leash.

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NickBuilder wrote 12/04/2020 at 23:07 point

Thank you for this post. It gave me a push to first purchase the plug and then to make the Tasmota upgrade. OTA was not possible.
The suggested template gave me the wrong voltage however. 

For my unit (Nedis outdoor switch WIFIPO120FWT) the following seems to work:

Found this template at

FYI. I used a stock 5V/3V3 FTDI device (switchable by bridging pins). I checked the specification of the FTDI chip. It can output 50 mA through the 3V3 pin. And this was apparently enough.

At first I had problems with one of my USB cables. A high quality cable is adviced.

Also, there is no mention of any software in this post. I suggest, worked flawlessly for me.

Finally free from the cloud!

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