First run - Performance feedback

A project log for Le-Sk8te - Foldable electric longboard

Electric foldable longboard for micro-mobility and commuting

lucasLucas 05/09/2020 at 22:110 Comments

Okay, so I tried the skate today for the first time in a heavy duty field trip.

Soooooo cool :)

As I was too excited to wait for the battery to completly charge,  I left with a 41.1v battery (~90%) and went for a dawn ride.

I limited the max current to 15A per motor to avoid pulling too much on the battery. Well, it can sink in 60A according to the cells specs and 40A by calculating the nickel strip dimensions but those poor hub motors are probably not dimensionned to pull more. And whatever, this skate intends to be commute board ; not a drag machine ;)

Anyway, the skate has still plenty of power. You can easily get unbalanced if you are not carefull at acceleration and braking. I've been able to tackle ~5% hills at 20km/h without being at full thottle.

Put asside the 5 first minutes of madness and  some sporadic accelerations, I've tried to keep the trip at 18km/h average and stopped regularly to check if nothing got loose or too hot (which surprisingly didn't happen).

According to the VESC mobile trip-meter, I drained about 3.5Ah (probaly under-estimated) and ESC's MOS temperature never exceeded 60°C.

According to the VESC I drove for 17km and acording to the watch I drove for 12 km (much more likely) and finished with a battery at 35v (~30% ?) ; it is to be noted that at that stage a strong 30A acceleration was pulling down the voltage dangerously close to 31V. 

To put in a nutshell, I'd estimate 60-70% battery drain for 12km at 16km/h.

I'am quite satisfied of the performances of the skate, its beahavior is sane and enjoyable for a little urban mobility device. Brake is suprisingly strong and medium slopes are not an issue for him.

The range is not astounding but if you restrain yourself at a 15-18 km/h pace I believe you can confidently reach 15km on a full charge. (Although I wouldn't recommand pusshing that much strain on the battery daily if you plan to put more numerous cycles on the battery lifetime.

To confirm those figures, I will try other rides in the coming weeks and use it to commute to work (if this covid-19 quarantine ever stops) but I am now confident on a reliable 10km daily commute.

Goal achieved ?