A compressed 512 MB diskimage, containing ZCPM for sd-card less or equal then 2GB. This image contains several utilities usable for Scrumpel7d on disk A:.
It can be booted by the CP/M boot command in the Z180 monitor.

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This is an Intel-hex file that contains the monitor for Scrumpel 7d. This version is a revision of the previous Scrumpel monitor, It support Grant Searle CP/M boot, the LCD and DS3234 RTC. It has a RTC autodetect and temperature read-out. If no RTC is detected, all RTC related functions are disabled. The DEFAULT BAUDRATE is 38400 in stead of 9600 baud.

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This is the Schematic diagram of Scrumpel 7d

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These are the gerber files needed for making a Scrumpel 7d PCB, Silk screen looks better with better text lay-out

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