Pico adventures

A project log for PZ1 6502 laptop

I am building a laptop with a W65C02, lots of memory, SID-sound, decent graphics and a filesystem.

adam.klotblixtadam.klotblixt 02/13/2021 at 19:370 Comments

I bought a Raspberry Pi Pico, couldn't help myself! The RP2040 is a very nice micro-controller, and the $4 is extremely cheap for what you get!

I've spent some time reading the very good datasheet to get a fuller understanding of what it can do, and I am sure that I will spend more time in the near future to try out PZ1 6502 emulation on the Pico. Such a cheap chip might be a very good fit for a nice portable 6502-computer :D

Of course I spent a lot of time coding the PIO, which is a very simple but good accelerator for doing various I/O stuff. It might be nice to create a proper VGA output from the PZ1, maybe as an add-on card...