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A project log for PZ1 6502 laptop

I am building a laptop with a W65C02, lots of memory, SID-sound, decent graphics and a filesystem.

adam.klotblixtadam.klotblixt 04/09/2021 at 12:550 Comments

I've moved and that takes much more time than expected. Today was the first day in a very long time that I had an opportunity to play with PZ1. It took 2-3h to get back to the previous point since I had reinstalled the OS and build environment and the display library just had to have an older version installed. The latest version disrupts the sound for some reason :(

Since the move I have a slightly bigger hacking cave, even though the apartment is smaller. YAY!

I had some time to think about the future of my HW endeavours, and I've decided that until I get a proper CPLD (ATF1504) running, I won't change the current Teensy4.1 / 65C02 / 512KiB SRAM configuration.

An annoyance I have is that I cannot find proper/non-cryptic 65C02-docs with consistent cycle-timings. There are some holes and I really want to know! The good thing about my current HW setup is that it is possible to actually write test-code, single step it and count the cycles on a real 65C02. Code and docs coming up :D