A platform to convert touch requiring interfaces to alternative methods

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Elevator buttons, light switches, door handles, traffic light buttons.

These are just some of the things that require touching to interact with. With COVID-19 we are realizing these surfaces are also a breeding ground for virus and bacteria.

We need an alternative way to interact with these everyday contact points that are shared with thousands of people to avoid spread of diseases.

unTouch is a platform to convert things that require touch into waving, speaking or other alternative methods.

The goal is to deliver a cheap, robust, simple product that people anywhere in the world can quickly integrate into their apartments, streets and shared spaces.

The plan is to use PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit:
This kit includes proximity sensor and microphone inputs.

Project will use proximity sensor to replace on/off light switches with a hand wave.
Audio input via AWS IOT dashboard to Alexa API to turn on/off the light switch.

  • What planet-changing IoT project do you want to build?  

- We want to build a easy to install platform to convert physical button into touchless input.

It will be easy to install and configure and change the world for better by reducing contact surfaces and exchange of microbes/viruses.

  • Which Cypress PSoC® 6 Dev Kit would you like to use for the project and why? (you can use multiple kits)

- We are planing on using PSoC® 6 WiFi-BT Pioneer Kit, this kit will enable us to use the proximity sensor and microphone input to easily build our prototype

  • How will you use AWS IoT or other cloud services in your project?

- We will use AWS IoT and Alexa API to take audio input and route it to the appropriate IoT device so the operation can be secure and plug&play.

  • What is your experience level with embedded IoT design? 

- Our team is made up of experienced Hardware and Software Engineers that have built and shipped successfully before. See below for reference:

  • Package arrived

    pseudozach06/20/2020 at 22:14 0 comments

    I received the Cypress PSOC 6 Wifi-BT Kit and it came in an awesome package. Plugged it in and getting set up to play around and get familiar with it.

    - It came with a wifi connection demo where it spins up a wifi hotspot and you can connect to it and then tell it your own network settings. Once connected you can see how the proximity sensor works right there on the TFT screen. 

    Very impressed so far. Now setting it up to do some hello world and then onto replacing 1 of my switches with a voice or wave command.

    By the way board arrives in disk mode and you have to hit SW3 switch to get it into programmability mode. Now I need to upgrade firmware to kitprog3 to get it going.

    on MacOS:

    /Applications/ModusToolbox/tools_2.1/fw-loader/bin/fw-loader --device-list

    /Applications/ModusToolbox/tools_2.1/fw-loader/bin/fw-loader --update-kp3 

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