Support for SH1106/SSD1306 based I2C OLED display!

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alexanderAlexander 10/11/2020 at 12:350 Comments

You can now use much cheaper SH1106/SSD1306 display! Just select the display type you use at the beginning of the arduino sketch.

There are a few caveats, though:
1. In order to use SH1106/SSD1306 you will need to add two 470 ohm resistors to the display board.

You can add these resistors right on top of 10k resistors that already present (or replace them).

2. In order to achieve desirable performance I2C is substantially overclocked (it works at 800kHz vs 400kHz as per display specification). It is possible that not every display will work under these conditions. The display I have works fine mostly, but a stray broken frame still appears now and then. As much as I can assume small artifacts are unavoidable with this display.