Death of a Controller... New Champion Emerges!

A project log for HID Media Controller Pad

A project to create a device that utilizes HID protocol to operate as a media controller pad

david-cainDavid Cain 05/19/2020 at 03:390 Comments

So what originally started me down this rabbit hole was stumbling upon NicoHood Hoodloader2. After playing with this, I've had some simple success with giving a computer HID commands. This was done using the built in USB bridge for the UNO that happens to actually be another micro-controller (The Atmega 16u2). Well today I plugged in the UNO and now it wont output anything so I began considering usage of my other favorite micro-controller platform, the ESP32-Wrover Dev Kit. After some reading, it may not be that difficult to pursue, but it is more work than I was intending to dedicate to simply establishing a USB connection if using that platform.

This directed me to the Arduino Pro Micro, which features a Atmega 32u4, as the main processor. While its not the hottest tool on the block, this device hopefully should be able to drive the screens I would like sufficiently and also perform HID controls much more stream line. I have no experience using these controllers so I may be over estimating their compute power but I suppose there is only one way for me to find out.

I'll be ordering a 3 pack from Amazon here. i could get them cheaper elsewhere but I'm a bit inpatient to begin writing more in-depth code that controls the displays and the HID interface simultaneously.

On another note, I also tidied up the wiring for my screens!