The Microcontroller Controller is Here, Also Some Code

A project log for HID Media Controller Pad

A project to create a device that utilizes HID protocol to operate as a media controller pad

david-cainDavid Cain 05/24/2020 at 05:060 Comments


New pro micros after soldering on the pins. These are the amazon ones but they're the same.

Man I'm gonna have to do something about this wiring soon.. this is the setup for three 128x128 OLED screens and an SD card reader being driven by an Atmega 32u4. Using the Pro-Micro dev board for now.

I'm no software developer but I figured this could be part of the project where I focus on streamlining the controls for a display array. With the way I'm attempting to develop the software for the screens, it should be easy to control them all under one Display class! Its pretty neat what header files will do for organizing these kinds of things. This is an important point to decide.

(I was calling each screen a display in my software so I blacked out the typos... *facepalm*)
(I've also tried to go back and correct all typos with the screen/display usage. Needed to decide on a system or confusion would ensue.)


The display became a slight focus as I can easily commit HID commands to the computer using the Atmega 32u4, but, there is no UI. This makes for a clunky experience! So I think the next step is to allow for that UI is to begin work on driving these displays in a competent manner. I'm really not happy with it yet but it is a start. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to email me or checkout my Github!

I think that is all that I have to show for now. I'm gonna keep updating as frequent as possible!