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A project log for HID Media Controller Pad

A project to create a device that utilizes HID protocol to operate as a media controller pad

david-cainDavid Cain 05/31/2020 at 23:020 Comments

Mini Software Update:

So this is a mini update because I've finally got some software I've been working on to do what I would like for it to do. I've actually created a little diagram so you don't have to dig through the code to see what I'm talking about :)..

I'm not sure if this is the best way to explain my code structure but I think it does an okay job to get the point across. So the main issue that I needed to address for the code was to seamlessly read a button input and respond with instructions for an OLED screen and the computer the device is connected to, at the same time. I wanted this software to be easily adjustable to allow for different user layouts or any customization.

I'm not done filling out all the classes with the functionality I want but I have a working prototype that syncs with a computer and then allows for button input over volume control. I'm waiting on some more materials to do a simple perfboard PCB this week. I think I'm also going add a simple neopixel output and play with integrating that into software as well :) 

I'll post pictures and video when I assemble the circuit board this later week!

Side note showing some of my LED installments:

Old desk setup with a strip running WLED:

New desk setup with a strip behind it:

A strip fixture and a shadow box fixture running custom software:

A project I did for a class (mind the mess):