Final thoughts

A project log for Bluetooth Beacon proximity gateway

Detect beacons and control things without touching anything!

Pedro MinatelPedro Minatel 08/25/2020 at 01:000 Comments

I dedicate this project to my father in law that lost his battle with COVID-19. Thank you Luiz!

When we have creativity, we can do anything!

This project was very special for me, because I did something that could be very useful in this new world. I did this project to try to help people keep away from contaminated things.

We touch in a lot of things that could be contaminated by any kind of virus, using this project we can avoid and track people in a risky environment.

The only thing that was frustrating to me was a issue that I found on my project when I scan BLE devices and try to connect to the AWS using WiFi. I got some strange behavior and had no time debug deeply, I hope I’ll figure out how to do.

I still have some work to do and figure out how to develop a small board to use inside the light switch. I have a daily job and 2 child's, so I only spend my free time on that.

My idea is to transform any light switch to a beacon gateway and help people understand people behavior by analyzing the data produced by the gateway.

Thank you for the opportunity!