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[WIP] Keyboard based on Ergodox. But wireless?

simon-merrettSimon Merrett 01/04/2022 at 22:130 Comments

Well, this is overdue and short. But one of the biggest failings of Aerodox was an extremely poor range to the PC, needing to press a key several times before it would register and sometimes pressing the key resulted in multiple keystrokes on screen.

A long and winding thread at github where we got distracted by Gazell channel hopping configuration settings ended in me testing the difference between a solid 3.3V supply and the 2x AA cells I was using. Bear in mind the "spec" for the NRF51822 modules we're using says they go down to 2V. The difference was night and day.

The nice thing about making #Aerodox modular is that all I needed to do was add a boost converter on a new motherboard (daughterboard?) PCB. The results were great, at low cost. I had to remove the space I had left for a second button but since I don't use the buttons for anything, it wasn't a hardship.