v1.0 launch and the v2.0

A project log for CHUSBIE552 - CH552 Development board

Wanting to get more development boards of this little 8-bit MCU out into the wild

gee-bartlettGee Bartlett 08/02/2020 at 06:540 Comments

This will be a little retrospective so I apologise in advance.

Both the CHUSBIE552(G) and the CHUSBIE552(T) where released back in early June on Tindie and where quite successful. I have sold a few them and they where received well. 

The plan in is now to do some updates to the board for version 2. 

I am adding extra protection for the USB host onboard reverse protection and changing the socket over to USB-C and patching in the CC connections for USB-PD management. 

I'll keep you updated on how things go.