• Hoverboard motor power output

    Marin B.05/11/2020 at 10:53 0 comments

    This guy OpenSourceLowTech helped me out to get some specs for a standard 6.5 inch hoverboard motor. Visit his you tube. He is doing some great stuff.

    So what can i expect out of a hoverboard motor?

    Looking at about 50-60VAC (three phase) at 1000 rpm and 
    at least 300W, depending on load.

    So this could be good for a horizontal axis wind turbine.

    These motors are cheap and sometimes free from broken hoverboards since the most common thing to fry on a hoverboard is the sensor board. The motors are usually fine.

    The hoverboards also have a a good alu case with plastic all around it. Looks kind like a wind turbine housing when you split it in the middle and that is what im planing to do.