Finishing up with 3D printed covers

A project log for BLE Midi controller conversion of NI KORE

Converting the Native Instruments KORE controller to a BLE/USB MIDI control surface

bjrn-brandalBjørn Brandal 08/09/2020 at 13:410 Comments

As the MIDI plugs have been removed to make space for the Itsybitsy to protrude through the encapsulation I designed some plastic covers using Autodesk Fusion 360.

I had never used fusion 360 before but it was very easy to get started and get the designs done. Especially as both Autodesk and other users provide a lot of great tutorials on Youtube.

I designed one big cover for both MIDI holes, but as I am thinking of maybe adding a MIDI-IN function later I also designed a circular snap-in cover as an alternative so I can choose to plug either just one or both of the MIDI inputs. I have added the Fusion 360 design files and the 3D files (STEP and STL) in the files section.

I do not own any 3D printer, but I am lucky enough to live in Hong Kong where access to third party manufacturing services are abundant. So I ordered these parts from who have a simple online quotation and ordering system, speedy processing and very affordable pricing.

The covers came out looking great. The snaps for the round covers were a little tight, and same for the mounting holes on the square cover. But this has been fixed in the latest 3D files. If you print any of these please let me know in the comments if there are still tolerance adjustments needed.

With this final little touch the hardware modification is now complete, and only completing the firmware remains.