Just Another Automated Drapery Controller

A project that will control up to 3 zones of METech CL200T and CL338H Electric Curtain Motor

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Loosely based on the Dust Collector Controller and will replace the existing relay controller

This project will control up to 3 zones of METTechs' CL200T and CL338H motors. The controller can provide up to 3 special function inputs to detect when a zone is open, closed or requesting to be open.  All control lines are sent over a standard CAT5/6 cables terminated in a RJ45 at the controller side.  On the motor side; the cable can be terminated into a RJ11 or into a breakout board.  Each zone has jumpers to control what special functions will be sent to each zone.


This ESPHome control file uses the sun to automate the opening and closing of drapery in 2 zones in my house via Home-Assistant. The control file also includes 2 interlocks that help prevent the drapery from being opened from automation at night or with I want to make sure I have privacy.

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    Jason07/23/2020 at 00:30 0 comments

    The PCBs have come in and assembled.   I created 2 boards, one that will be the central controller and a second optional breakout board.  The breakout board is only needed if you won't don't want to "directly" wire the controller to the motor housing.

    The controller board can route 4 functions to each zone.  There are 2 global inputs and 2 "zone" inputs.  A total of 3 switches and one common could be routed to any zone over a CAT5 cable.  If a separate common line (12v) is routed separately, such as with my LEDs, you could return 4 switches.

    I was a bit tight on a few of the interconnects and the relay header butt a bit too close to the NodeMCU and has to be slightly bent.

    But overall the board turnout great! 

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Dan Maloney wrote 05/11/2020 at 20:09 point

Is the house already wired for the control cables? Seems like it could get messy with cables all over the place.

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Jason wrote 05/11/2020 at 20:28 point

yes, I already have the CAT5 running into my basement to my existing relays from the

drapery, I put in cat5/RJ45 instead of RJ11 because i know I wanted to send additional control line up to detect open/close states

All my LED power and drapery controls run to this project:

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