Built and Installed

A project log for Just Another Automated Drapery Controller

A project that will control up to 3 zones of METech CL200T and CL338H Electric Curtain Motor

jasonJason 07/23/2020 at 00:300 Comments

The PCBs have come in and assembled.   I created 2 boards, one that will be the central controller and a second optional breakout board.  The breakout board is only needed if you won't don't want to "directly" wire the controller to the motor housing.

The controller board can route 4 functions to each zone.  There are 2 global inputs and 2 "zone" inputs.  A total of 3 switches and one common could be routed to any zone over a CAT5 cable.  If a separate common line (12v) is routed separately, such as with my LEDs, you could return 4 switches.

I was a bit tight on a few of the interconnects and the relay header butt a bit too close to the NodeMCU and has to be slightly bent.

But overall the board turnout great!